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Haymarket Dentist Dr. Reangber and Her Dental Care Services

See the wide range of  Haymarket dental services  that LifeTime Smiles provides for you to achieve a perfect set of teeth – from simple cleaning to cosmetic dentistry

Not every clinic and Haymarket dental services offer services that are suited for your specific needs. For a large range of dental care services efficiently performed by one of the most qualified Haymarket dentists, LifeTime Smiles is the place to be.

Our services include:

Quality treatment from first visit to great smile

There are many options to schedule an appointment with LifeTime Smiles. Perhaps the most convenient way is to fill out online forms in the official website. You may also drop a call or personally pay a visit to the clinic to schedule an appointment. Welcoming you as you come in the office are the friendly staff of LifeTime Smiles, giving you quality treatment right from the very first step.

  • Tell your story. As you meet with Dr. Reangber, feel free to share your story and dental needs to her. Her positive attitude towards patients is what draws them into sharing more about themselves.
  • Oral health evaluation. Remember that Dr. Reangber is no fairy godmother. Before she can give you the smile you desire, she will first evaluate your overall oral health, most of these evaluations maybe unnoticed by the patient from the consultation.
  • Inspections and screenings. The complete evaluation includes x-rays, tooth-by-tooth inspection, and screenings for oral cancer and gum diseases. There are many different types of dental x-rays depending on the findings during the initial evaluation. This includes periapical, panoramic, cephalometric projection, digital imaging, cone beam CT x-rays, and more.
  • A personalized treatment plan. Reangber will create a personalized treatment plan to give you a healthy smile. This plan shows how your teeth look like from the day of consultation to the day of, well, victory – the day the whole process is finished. Imagine a weight loss plan with “before” and “after” images – this is somewhat similar to the dental treatment plan.
  • Emergency dental needs. LifeTime Smiles also has an emergency dentist Haymarket residents call to attend to cracked tooth, toothaches, objects stuck in the mouth, and others.
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Advanced technology

LifeTime Smiles utilizes state-of-the-art technology and equipment that enable us to offer Haymarket dental services that are new to the market. This is mainly due to Dr. Reangber’s efforts to study recent developments, innovations, techniques, knowledge, and skills in the field of office6dentistry. Unlike many clinics in the area, LifeTime Smiles has more advanced equipment that reduces, if not eliminates, problems such as bleeding, and makes healing faster throughout the process.

We are very excited to meet your dental needs. We envision a Haymarket filled with beautiful smiles. We dream of a country that is free of cavities. Whether your family needs routine checkups, teeth whitening, or custom crowns, Dr. Reangber and her team are your consultants for quality dental and oral care.

Services are offered to residents of Gainesville, Bristow, Manassas, and nearby locations. Now is the time to have a perfect smile. Call our Haymarket dental office today and schedule an appointment with Haymarket dentist Dr. Reangber.