A woman is smiling after root canal therapy
Root Canal Therapy

Relieve intense tooth pain with root canal therapy procedures

While root canal therapy is not the most desirable treatment, it is often the best way to preserve a tooth that may otherwise need extraction. Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo and the Lifetime Smiles team offer this restorative procedure to help patients restore comfort and health to the smile. Root canal therapy also referred to as endodontic treatment, is performed by a root canal dentist to keep the natural tooth in place and avoid extraction and replacement. 

What is root canal therapy? 

Inside of each tooth is an intricate root system. That is known as the root canal. When the pulp inside the tooth, a mass of tissues with blood vessels and nerves, becomes damaged or infected, it can result in significant pain. The dentist creates an access point into the tooth to remove the dental pulp to address the problem. The area is meticulously cleaned and thoroughly disinfected to ensure no infection is left behind. A unique filler is used to seal the tooth and prevent further infection. Because the tooth is essentially deadened, repairs can be done without anesthetics. 

When might I need root canal therapy? 

Certain situations may arise in which a dentist may recommend the root canal procedure. Signs that a root canal procedure may be needed include:

  • Severe toothaches and pain
  • Discomfort when chewing food
  • Prolonged cold or heat sensitivity
  • Tenderness and swelling of the gums around a tooth
  • A fever that may indicate an infection of the tooth 

Suppose you are experiencing any of the above issues. In that case, it is always a good idea to undergo an evaluation with a dental professional to determine the cause and talk about solutions and treatments to resolve the issue at hand. 

Get help for oral problems as soon as possible 

Ignoring changes in your smile or conditions that develop can result in future treatment that can be expensive. Instead, Drs. Reangber and Koo and the team at Lifetime Smiles in Haymarket and Gainesville, VA, educate patients on preventive care and encourage them to seek treatment as soon as changes in the smile are spotted. The front office team can be reached at (571) 248-7389 to request an appointment at 5391 Merchants View Square.