Dr. Sina Reangber

Meet Dr. Reangber

Recognized as one of the top dentists in Northern Virginia, Dr. Sina Reangber is acclaimed for her continued innovative practices in the field of dentistry. Driven by a strong passion for providing efficient dental care that meets each of the patient’s needs, Dr. Reangber is both an exceptional and knowledgeable doctor.

Dr Reangber obtained an undergraduate degree in Biology with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University. Afterwards, she pursued her interest in dentistry by finishing with a doctoral degree from Howard University.

Dr Reangber has also shared her knowledge to a wide audience by being featured on a popular television show titled TOP Doctors – A NEW ME Medical Interviews, which can be seen on CNN, Fox News, BravoTV, and MSNBC.

Her positive attitude in the profession is reflected from her close family ties and relationship with her husband, Mansur Rahim. Dr. Reangber enjoys spending quality time with her family, traveling on cruises and watching different versions of their favourite sci-fi show, Star Trek.