A woman is having dental cleanings treatment
Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are the secret to good oral health

Are your teeth white and clean? Do you feel as though your smile is healthy? If you want to keep it that way, you must take time to maintain a healthy smile by working with a dentist in the Haymarket and Gainesville, Virginia area. Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo and the team at Lifetime Smiles are here to help you understand the importance of regular cleanings and evaluations, which should be performed at least every six months. In addition, patients who have conditions such as periodontal disease may need further cleaning services, including periodontal cleaning or dental scaling and root planing. Learning more about these treatments and avoiding problems such as gum disease and tooth decay starts with education and evaluation with our team. 

What happens during a cleaning and evaluation at Lifetime Smiles? 

Below are the steps that may be performed during your initial examination and dental cleaning with our team:

  • Dental cleaning with a hygienist
  • Dental x-rays and imaging
  • Education on prevention of common oral health issues
  • Full evaluations
  • Oral cancer screening

What are the benefits of professional cleaning? 

Professional dental cleaning gives you clean, healthy teeth.  The mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body and needs to be taken care of.  Furthermore, it  prepares patients for potential cosmetic dentistry treatments they might be considering. The mouth, teeth, and gums need to be healthy before aesthetic work can be performed. That includes porcelain veneers, professional teeth whitening or clear braces. Ignoring your dental health now means an increased risk of problems down the road, including the need for restorative dentistry or a more extended period before you can have a smile makeover completed.

Schedule your Haymarket, Virginia area dental cleaning and examination

The dedicated team at Lifetime Smiles of Gainesville and Haymarket, VA, work routinely with patients to help them improve their oral health and wellness with regular dental care. If you are due for a cleaning and evaluation and live in the community, we welcome you to book an appointment with our team of professionals. Call (571) 248-7389 to request a visit at 5391 Merchants View Square and speak with Drs. Sina Reangber, Scott Koo, and the team.