A woman is smiling after fluoride treatment
Fluoride Treatment

The benefits of fluoride treatment for a healthier smile

Daily brushing and flossing can help prevent tooth decay and protect the smile from infection from periodontal disease. If you are in the area of Haymarket or Gainesville, Virginia, and are interested in educating yourself further on fluoride and other preventative dentistry solutions, then it may be time to talk to Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo, and the dental staff at Lifetime Smiles! 

What is fluoride? 

Dr. Reangber and Koo describe fluoride as a naturally-occurring mineral compound. It is found in soil and water and is added to some food, beverages, and even toothpaste to help protect the smile from tooth decay. It:

  • Strengthens natural tooth enamel
  • Protects the soft dentin layer underneath the natural tooth enamel
  • Promotes remineralization of calcium to repair micro-cavities/early decay
  • Protects the tooth’s surface from acid attacks 

How do my teeth get fluoride? 

Fluoride is available in many ways, allowing patients to use more than one approach to obtain fluoride and strengthen the smile. Fluoride is added to many products used for oral health, including mouthwashes and toothpaste. Cities add fluoride to tap water, allowing patients to enjoy daily fluoride through the water they use. Additionally, a dentist can apply fluoride directly to the teeth to offer an extra layer of protection as a topical fluoride varnish. At our practice, we use SDF (silver diamine fluoride) to help protect the smile and relieve sensitivity. 

Who needs fluoride? 

At each dental visit to Lifetime Smiles, we apply a fluoride varnish to deter cavities further and strengthen natural tooth enamel. Adults may also benefit from fluoride, which may be recommended to some patients based on their unique needs and specific situations. We can decide what is best for the patient after educating them about their dental health needs. 

Prevent cavities with the use of fluoride with Haymarket and Gainesville, Virginia area dentis 

Fluoride is a material that can prevent tooth decay and strengthen the natural tooth enamel. If you are considering fluoride treatments to protect the smile, call the team at Lifetime Smiles. Our facility is located at 5391 Merchants View Square and can be reached by phone at (571) 248-7389.