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General Dentistry

General dentistry services provided by the team at Lifetime Smiles

At Lifetime Smiles, we offer services with two qualified dentists to those in the Gainesville and Haymarket, Virginia area. We provide general dentistry services, including preventive dentistry, to reduce a patient’s risk of developing severe dental issues such as periodontal disease or tooth decay. Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo work directly with patients searching for the most trusted professionals in the area and encourage potential clients to call the practice for a consultation appointment with our team.

We believe that a perfect, healthy smile starts with a strong foundation and encourage patients to keep their smile clean and healthy. At Lifetime Smiles, we become your partner in obtaining high-quality oral care. We help patients tackle significant dental concerns and offer viable, affordable, and practical solutions for everyday issues.

We also provide personal support for patients who want to care for their smile properly at home between dental visits. We encourage patients to use the right toothbrush, toothpaste, and products to help them achieve oral health and wellness while enabling regular visits to the practice for cleanings, evaluations, education, and even oral cancer screenings.

Below are just a few of our dental offerings for new and returning patients of the community:

  • Preventative dentistry for adults and children
    • Cleaning
    • Exams
    • X-rays
    • Dental sealants
    • Periodontal maintenance
  • Restorative dentistry
    • Composite (tooth colored) fillings
    • Crown and Bridge
    • Implant restoration
    • Dentures
  • Emergency Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
    • Smile Makeover
    • Veneers
    • Invisible Braces (invisalign and Suresmile)
    • Teeth whitening

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Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo of Lifetime Smiles in the Haymarket and Gainesville, Virginia area have committed to providing new and returning patients with healthy teeth and gums for life! If you need general or preventative dentistry services, including regular oral cancer screenings, emergency dentistry, or even just nightguards, we can help! Call the practice at (571) 248-7389 to request a consultation with our team at 5391 Merchants View Square. We are here to provide a wide selection of services to assist in achieving and maintaining dental health and smiles!

General Dentistry

Myths and facts dentistry

Fact or myth? If you have a cavity, you will know it. Myth, Mild tooth decay has no symptoms. Sensitivity begins to occur when the tooth decay is already causing damage to the nerve. Today’s dentistry prevents tooth decay with sealants and other conservative methods. Fact or myth? Sugar is the prime cause of cavities. A fact and also a myth. Acid is the main trigger in producing the bacteria that causes cavities. The bacteria is then fueled by the consumption of carbohydrates. Sugar is a trigger in cavities, but carbs as a whole are the main cause. Fact or myth? Cavities are the prime reason for root canals. Myth. Root canals are a result of nerve damage. And untreated cavity could lead to nerve damage, but root canals are on set by number of different factors. Facts on myth? Brushing and flossing are the best way to prevent cavities. Fact. Fact or myth? Expensive toothpastes are always better than cheaper ones. Myth. Different toothpastes are better for different teeth in situations. Sometimes moderately priced toothpaste can be more effective. Ask the dentist about what might be best for your teeth. And always look for the ADA seal of approval. Fact or myth? If a tooth is white, it must be healthy. Myth. Under the surface there may be cavities, problems with the root or other abnormalities. Fact or Myth? Teeth whitening is harmful because it damages enamel. Myth. There are many modern teeth whitening processes that have minimal harmful effects. Teeth whitening isn’t for every mouth or person though. Consult the dentist before you proceed with whitening treatments. Fact or myth? Dentists should be feared. Myth. With today’s advancements in technology and safety practices there is nothing to worry about. Procedures are as quick and painless as ever. Fact or myth? You should visit your dentists at least twice a year. FACT.