A man is smiling after tooth colored fillings
Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fix cavities and damaged teeth with tooth-colored fillings

When a decayed or damaged tooth is treated with a white composite filling, no one will know you ever had a dental issue. That is because this material is used to discreetly repair a tooth while allowing the smile to remain natural in appearance. Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo and the team at Lifetime Smiles in the Haymarket and Gainesville, Virginia area work routinely with patients to ensure not only a healthier smile but a beautiful one as well! 

What are the benefits of tooth-colored restorations? 

Using tooth-colored restorations that match the smile makes it almost impossible for others to realize that patients have completed dental work. Composite resin filling is solid and durable, lasting several years before replacement is needed. Many other patients have had unsightly silver amalgam fillings placed in the past, which not only have traces of toxic mercury but also expand and contract, which makes the tooth susceptible to damage or infection. Tooth-colored restorations blend in with the existing teeth and tooth structure for an aesthetic result. 

What can white composite resin resolve?

  • Gaps between the front teeth
  • Areas of decay and deterioration
  • Chipped, cracked, or worn down teeth
  • Teeth with tooth decay/cavities
  • Cover permanently stained teeth
  • Replace old silver amalgam fillings
  • Extend the length or reshape an unusual tooth 

How can I prevent tooth decay and other dental problems? 

Taking good care of your teeth each day is vital to keeping the smile beautiful and healthy. Drs. Sina Reangber and Scott Koo, and the team at Lifetime Smiles will educate patients on preventative care to help them avoid the need for dental fillings in the first place! 

Obtain tooth-colored restorations for your smile with Haymarket and Gainesville, Virginia area dentists 

Drs. Reangber and Koo and the team at Lifetime Smiles can help patients who suspect they have cavities or want to address a tooth with damage. If you are located in and around the community and want to work with our experienced dental providers, call us at (571) 248-7389. We are open to new and returning patients in and around the community at our facility, conveniently located at 5391 Merchants View Square.