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Jun 02

New Year’s doesn’t have the monopoly on self-improvement. Every year, when the temperatures rise, many people decide this is the summer they’re going to live their best life, be their best self. One of the most discreet ways to make that happen is with Invisalign. Why Summer Is a Great Time to Start Invisalign You may […]

May 18

It’s graduation season, the time of year for endings and new beginnings. Whether the graduation you’re celebrating is to a new job or a traditional graduation from college, high school, middle school, or otherwise, there is no better time to start your journey with the Invisalign that is right for you. Invisalign for Teens The adolescent crowd, […]

May 04

Gapped teeth are common. Some people embrace this characteristic of their smile, others hate it. Often, the location of the gap(s) makes all the different. A front tooth gap can be a great quirk, while an odd gap between two non-prominent teeth can look unsightly and unhealthy. There are many ways to correct this cosmetic […]

Apr 19

Soon, we will no longer have to wear face masks. You will be able to smile at people and let them see your teeth. If the thought of this act makes you uncomfortable, if maybe you have felt fine about the mask-wearing because it’s allowed you to hide your imperfect smile, it’s time to think […]

Apr 05

If you’re engaged and actively planning your wedding day, you have a lengthy to-do list. Usually, one of the most common categories on that list is self-improvement. Maybe you’re eating better, working out, or learning new hair and makeup tips to look your best for the big day. Make sure your teeth make their way […]

Mar 15

Some people are lucky when it comes to their oral health. They have extremely robust tooth enamel and never get cavities. Their adult teeth erupt perfectly straight. They never have pain or a problem. You can lament that they are the lucky ones, but the smartest people make their own luck – and you can […]

Mar 02

Invisalign attachments serve an important purpose by anchoring Invisalign aligners in place. Your treatment will be that much more successful for having worn attachments, but what are they all about? Do you really need them? And how annoying are they? 1. Attachments are small. Attachments are small dots made either of dental bonding or composite resin. They […]

Feb 15

If you have a mild case of misalignment, Invisalign Express may be the answer to all your smile woes. A branch of the conventional Invisalign treatment, Express is designed for people with minor alignment issues or a mild relapse from previous orthodontic treatment. Find out if this orthodontic alternative is right for your smile complaints. What to […]

Feb 02

Whether you are in a relationship or unattached, it’s important for you to love yourself. If your teeth and gums have you feeling self-conscious, unworthy of kisses, or embarrassed to smile, there is no better time than the most lovey-dovey month of the year to invest in a smile makeover. Find the One for You The […]