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Oct 18

Invisalign and Halloween go together like vampires and bats – they’re a great combination. No matter what your favorite haunts are on October 31, Invisalign will not get in the way of your costume, candy eating, or a good time. Here are just some of the ways your treatment won’t interrupt your Halloween. 1. Eat Whatever Candy […]

Oct 05

When you have healthy teeth that look flawless thanks to excellent cosmetic dentistry, you may feel like you’re invincible, especially when it comes to all that tempting Halloween candy. Good teeth like yours can’t possibly be damaged, right? Beware, ghosts and goblins! The wrong kind of candy, the wrong bite… it could all go sour and […]

Sep 16

When you are trying to figure out what the most effective smile makeover solution is for you, or if you have a major dental dilemma that needs to be corrected, it may take more than one procedure to get the job done. There are some excellent cosmetic dentistry power duos that work together seamlessly to create gorgeous […]

Sep 02

No matter what kind of cosmetic dentistry you are interested in pursuing – from Invisalign to porcelain veneers – the journey will begin with an examination of your oral health. The strength and condition of your teeth and gums matters and, the good news is, if your mouth is in great shape, you’re never too old for Invisalign. Just […]

Aug 16

Everyone has a favorite season of the year. Some seasons demand that you be more active, others embrace down time. Knowing where you fit and what category suits you best can help you determine the best time to begin Invisalign treatment. After all, half the success of this revolutionary orthodontic alternative is making it happen at the […]

Aug 03

Whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, administrator, or otherwise, back-to-school season is an exciting one. There will be friends to greet, pictures to take, and even though masks are likely to be worn for quite a while, it will help to know that there’s an amazing smile underneath to boost your confidence. From preventive dentistry […]

Jul 19

If you’re thinking about becoming an Invisalign patient, it’s nice to know the shortcuts and tips for making this treatment as easy as possible to fit into your life. Invisalign is already convenient and more comfortable than conventional metal braces when it comes to transforming crooked teeth, but there are Invisalign hacks that will help you get through […]

Jul 01

When a person’s teeth make them feel self-conscious or embarrassed, they may try multiple ways to correct their smile. This could involve using over-the-counter treatments that promise miracles, to simply accepting the inevitable and smiling with their mouth closed. Instead of suffering with teeth that negatively impact your confidence, make a permanent change with porcelain veneers and […]

Jun 15

Whether you are a careful planner or spontaneous traveler, if you’re headed out of town, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared to manage your Invisalign every day. The success of this orthodontic alternative relies on consistency and, even if you’re on vacation or a business trip, your adherence to your Invisalign plan is essential. Here are […]