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Oct 28

These days it seems everyone is drinking a sports drink or an energy drink, whether to simply make it through the day or to power through a workout. However, as your Haymarket dentist can attest, these drinks can wreak havoc on your teeth, especially when consumed in large amounts. Neither of these drinks were made […]

Oct 16

Of course brushing and flossing regularly are important if you want to keep your mouth healthy, but saliva is often the unsung hero of oral hygiene. Most people produce between two and four pints of saliva every day. Clearly all of this saliva is serving a purpose, read on to learn the role it plays […]

Sep 19

Although pacifiers serve a real purpose in caring for a young child, there comes a point in time where they have to give it up. Sucking his or her thumb or using a pacifier can make your child seem immature, but even worse, it could lead to teeth problems, according to your dentist in Gainesville, […]

Aug 18

When you meet someone the first thing they notice is likely going to be your smile so you want it to look nice. A cosmetic dentist in Gainesville, VA can help you keep your smile looking great but sometimes finding the right cosmetic dentist is not so easy. By following a few helpful pieces of advice you […]

Jul 10

A common complaint of patients who arrive at the Haymarket dentist office is that they have sensitive teeth. Having sensitive teeth can make common tasks like eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, flossing, and sometimes even breathing in cold air a painful experience. Fortunately there are ways to not only manage the pain, but also to […]